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To understand Canadian Immigration, one has to understand the policy behind the immigration and each different factor effecting it. The purpose of the government of Canada for accepting immigrants is controlled by many different factors. First and foremost, Canada being one of the Seven richest countries in the world is forced by the governing body and the statutes of the United Nations to accept and to take Immigrants. The human rights statutes requires Democratic nations under the auspices of the United Nations to allow the free movement of people , (i.e. Migration) to a limit irrespective of their race, creed, color, gender or religion.


In allure of this policy Canada has created a freedom of movement conditional on the basis of also protecting the standards of its regional societies. Other factors that effect the Canadian Policy for immigration is the economical benefits it creates and in recent years the provinces have attracted a large number of immigrants with the new provincial nominee programs .


Top 5 Reasons to Immigrate to Canada


1. Ranked by the United Nations as the Best Place to live

Canada has been ranked by the United Nations as the best country in the world to live. The reason for this is because Canada has the highest standard of living and best quality of life.


2. Great opportunity to Prosper in Business and Industry

Besides being a land of immense natural beauty , Canada is one of the fast growing, modern and industrialized nation, and offers unlimited opportunity for growth. Opportunities for development exist in the natural resources, manufacturing, construction, import/export, commerce, high tech and service industries.


3. High Quality Education

Students do not have to pay for primary and secondary education. Although post-secondary studies are subsidized by the government, none-the less students can apply for different types of loans, grants or bursary to assist them in their education. Canada spends more on education than any industrial nation. Canadian universities and colleges have an excellent international reputation for high quality education.


4. Access to Best Health Care program

Canadians have free Health Care and do not have to pay for visiting physicians or undergoing surgery . Also they have access to social assistance programs such as affordable housing.


5. Multiculturalism Society

Canada is a Multicultural Society and respects the tradition and culture of all countries and encourages immigrants to retain their unique culture. The Canadian Multiculturalism Act recognizes the cultural diversity and states that everybody is free to maintain and share its cultural heritage and participate fully and equally in the national life. Nowhere else one can find such a diversity of cultures existing together in a peaceful and tolerant society.

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