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Immigration to Canada offers a wide range of services to assist immigration processes. These services include initial processes like free assessment to application processing services as well. These services provide consultancy to individuals applying for permanent residence and temporary work permits in Canada.

Temporary Application
• HRSDC Work Confirmation.
• Work Permits including NAFTA & GATS.
• Extension of your study permit or foreign student visa in Canada.
• Visitor Visa/ Tourist Visa
• Foreign Student Visa (Study Permit)
• Extension of your Temporary Resident Visa (Visitor/Tourist Visa)
• Temporary Resident Visa

Permanent Residency & Citizenship

For Business Applicants

• Federal Investor Category
• Quebec Investor Category
• Entrepreneurs
• Self-Employed Applicants

For Skilled Workers

• Skilled Workers
• Quebec Skilled Workers


• Provincial Nominee Programs
• Spousal Sponsorship
• Family Sponsorship (Parents/ Grandparents/ Children)
• Permanent Resident Card Application
• Citizenship Application

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