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Governments to Improve Canadian Immigration System


24th June 2010

The Federal, Provincial and Territorial Ministers for Immigration and Citizenship within their jurisdiction met in Ottawa to work towards improving the current Immigration System in Canada. This is being seen as a welcome sign for hundreds and thousands of immigrants who are working or are applying for Canadian Visa.

This meeting sent positive signals to the prospective immigrants to Canada who visualize Canada as their next business point. The current trends clearly indicate that the economic growth and businesses will take an exponential curve depending on the new amendments in the Immigration system.

Post-recession, ministers from different jurisdictions and governments (federal, provincial and territorial) are planning for a multi-level immigration process. Since immigration is the main resource for new prospects to Canada, it will now be closely connected to the economic growth after the recession period.


Changes to Proof of Language Requirements

Changes to Proof of Language Requirements

Under recently issued Ministerial Instructions, Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker and the Canadian Experience Class applicants are required to include the results of a designated English or French language test at the time of their application. This does not change current language requirements for either program.

An independent language test is the fairest, most transparent, objective, consistent and accurate way to evaluate an applicant’s language skills

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Posted on: 2011-02-15

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